Some of us might think it’d be more than enough for one man Jeff Bezos to simultaneously run the most powerful online retailer, the Washington Post newspaper, and his own pet project space program it’d be dead wrong because Jeff Bezos and his amazon group also oversees a quite extraordinary proportion of the everyday traffic on the world wide web.

Think household names like Disney, Netflix, Zoom, and the BBC. All of which depend on the technical infrastructure directly created and controlled by the world’s richest man himself and most of us are wholly unaware of how and why it is.

It all started in 2002. So-called ‘Amazon Web Services’, or AWS, was first created as a department within Amazon, charged by Jeff Bezos with building the leanest, meanest internal tech infrastructure the world had ever seen. Nothing less would do, in order to help Bezos realize his stratospheric ambitions for the company – then best known as a nerdy online book retailer.

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According to some estimate, amazon controls literally over half of the cloud computing services although to the end-user that’s you and me any migration to was a cloud by your favorite online service is seamless in that you wouldn’t even know but every time you catch a movie on Netflix or hail an uber rewind the news on BBC or book an Airbnb or zoom call your best made that app probably running through amazon controlled service so why do big companies who can presumably afford there own server infrastructure use AWS?

Scalability is a huge factor, if Netflix is launching a new show and anticipates high levels of viewership it can temporarily upgrade its servers capacity on AWS essentials on a much of a button latter when the traffic settles down it can reduce its take up of AWS services in a way that simply wouldn’t be feasible if they were paying for their own hardware indeed Netflix a rival to amazon prime video streaming service has publicly stated that its operating cost has reduced substantially as a consequence of migrating onto AWS cloud.

Amazon’s power isn’t simply limited to helping you binge-watch shows. In 2013 it was revealed that amazon web service has been awarded 600 dollar contract with the CIA and in 2019 now that US Navy would begin migrating military adjacent data onto the amazon cloud this cozy relationship

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Between the govt. agencies is a two-way street .

In the autumn of 2020amazon switched on its very own wind farm in Sweden engineered to generate electricity for its ferociously power-thirsty European data centers a similar amazon wind farm has already been operational in taxes since 2017. Amazon has plans to run on 100 percent renewable energy by the year 2025.

So for good or real Jeff Bezos’s stranglehold over all our online lives looks to intensify going forwards still at least we’ll get to watch stranger things in HD.

Source – Tech Vision, Forbes

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